sports for your church group

Great Sports To Play With Your Church Group

Sport and outdoor physical activity is a great way to engage with other members of your church group. Not only does it promote a healthy lifestyle, but participating in sporting activities with people from your congregation can help form lasting friendships with other like-minded people, and provides the perfect platform for your beliefs to be discussed and shared in a non-formal setting.

To keep the games friendly and inclusive of all age groups and fitness levels, here are some great examples of some sporting activities that you and your church group can participate in that everyone will be sure to love!


Church Sports

Golf is a very social sport and is a great great way to connect with people in your church community. Since golf is not as physically intense or as fast-paced as games such as soccer or basketball, there is plenty of time during a game to interact with your fellow golfers and really get to know them. Since it is also a non-contact sport, there is a very low risk of injury, which makes the game suitable for most ages, including the elderly.

Although golf is not as physically demanding as other sports, there are still many health benefits that are directly linked to playing the game including:

  • Supports brain function – As your heart rate increase, so does blood flow to the brain, which in turn then stimulates and improves nerve cell connections. This can delay the onset of illnesses such as dementia. While competing against others, golfers will also compete with themselves for personal best scores. This type of challenging boosts confidence and self-esteem, while the mental alacrity involved in tallying scores, improving strategy and fostering hand-eye coordination will keep the brain active in logical functions.
  • Improves vision – It requires pretty good vision to zoom in on that round, little white ball that may be yards away. Golfers learn to hone in on small targets from long distances and even when the ball is on the tee, prior to their swing, golfers are presented with the opportunity to evaluate the keenness of their vision while improving hand-eye coordination.
  • Reduces stress – Golf helps to alleviate stress. Being in an outdoor area where you can interact with others who share your interests is a great way to forget any troubles. The pleasure of walking in an open and natural environment and spending time with friends places golfers in a good mood. This is because playing a round of golf can release endorphins – natural, mood-enhancing chemicals within our brains, making you happier and relaxed. To learn more about golf’s health benefits, check out the top 10 health benefits golf .

Golf can also cater for a range of different skill levels, however, if you have never played before or want to learn more about how to improve your game, be sure to check out this great golf blog for some great beginner tutorials.


Swimming in a lake

Whether it be in a public pool, at the beach, in a lake or in a river, swimming is a fun, budget-friendly activity that everyone at any age can enjoy, and everyone’s favorite during summer! There are numerous games that you can play in or around the water and is the perfect opportunity for people to put their phones down in this digital age and really enjoy the present moment. Swimming in nature is a particularly great idea to consider for a church group, as the earth’s natural beauty is the perfect conversation starter, especially if you are new to the group. Water sports are also very inclusive and have no real cap on the number of people that can participate.

Please note that it is very important to first scout your swimming area and noting any potential hazards and deep areas before anyone jumps into the water. It’s also very important to have numerous people constantly watching those in the water to ensure everyone’s safety. Arm floatation bands or other inflatable devices are a good idea if your activities involve children or people not confident in their swimming abilities.

Look up your local directory to find your nearest swimming hole!


Church Day Hike

Hiking is an adventurous activity that can lead you to some amazing places with spectacular views! Similarly to swimming in nature, hiking provides the perfect opportunity for church members of all ages to get together and enjoy the earth’s natural beauty and wildlife. Studies have shown that constant exposure greenery relaxes the body, alleviates stress levels and aids in reducing anxiety. Exposure to sunlight also allows the body to soak up vitamin D from the sun, which promotes bone growth amongst young people and reduces the risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, and even some cancers!

Be sure to pack plenty of water before any trek and do not deviate from marked trails to ensure everyone’s safety. There are hiking trails that cater to every fitness level, so check out your local National Parks website to find hiking paths near you.

Sporting Is Great For Church Groups

Outdoor sporting activities are an excellent ice-breaker and the perfect platform for you to get to know some more of the people in your church group. Your congregation is full of likeminded people that all share the same core beliefs and values, and so be sure to try out some of our mentioned activities for a guaranteed good time!